How to Shave your Head? [Updated 2023 Ultimate Guide]

How to Shave your Head? [Updated 2023 Ultimate Guide]

The bald head has become a new beauty trend and it is quite popular nowadays. As people tend to simplify their lives, head shaving is one of the best ways to avoid visits to barber shops, wasting your time or money. With the development of advanced technologies, you can now shave hair at home all by yourself, since it’s very easy and fast, plus neither expensive nor harmful for your health. Moreover, another benefit of shaving your own head is, you can do it everywhere and anytime you want.
There are still some precautions to take into account. Follow these 5 simple steps to learn how to shave your head:

  1. Trim your hair first

  2. Wet or dry shave, with or without foam

  3. Aftershave gel, apply it always

  4. Rinse the head shaver and the clipper

  5. The frequency of the shave



1. Trim your hair first

A man full of hair trimming his hair with a Beast ClipperIf you are new to head shaving you probably wonder where to start and how to shave hair at home with an electric razor.
First of all, cut your hair real short before shaving your head, otherwise, you might hurt yourself, ending up with knicks and cuts on your skin/ Tip: the thinner the hair the shorter we recommend cutting your hair before using the shaver. For instance, if you intend to use Skull Shaver, we recommend applying int on hair with a maximum length of 4mm. For hair longer than 4mm, we advise cutting them down with a clipper/trimmer (checkout out the Beast Clipper for Skull Shaver), and only then use our shavers, to avoid clogged blades, pulled hair and overall unpleasant shaving experience.

The next logical question to answer is: “How to shave your head with clippers?”. You can use hair clippers, trimmers and balding clippers to cut your hair. The main difference between them is that hair clippers are also for cutting long hair and have various attachments to adjust the length of the hair. While hair trimmers are suited for shorter hair and for areas like chin and neck. We recommend using our Beast Clippers for hair longer than 0.5-1 mm. It will allow you to trim your hair real short and prepare your skin for a completely smooth shave. Alternatively, the Beast Clipper is perfect for those who want to leave a little fuzz or stubble. Skull Shaver hair clippers have 8 cutting combs of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm suitable for any type of hair, with which you can easily get to tough areas, for instance, to cut the hair on the back of your head or the sides of your head.

With Pitbull one handed head shaver you will save your time and efforts, moreover, you can take it everywhere with you as it’s a perfect travel shaver. Pitbull Platinum men's head shaver has a smart lock for not to be turned on in luggage. Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum also provides a Travel Case for safe transportation. Thanks to the powerful lithium-ion battery you can use our shavers in wireless mode up to 90 minutes.
Due to extra sharp blades and ergonomic handle, which is perfectly suited for your hand, it will take only a few minutes to get your haircut done, without spending money on beauty salons and barbers.


2. Wet or dry shave, with or without foam

Wet Pitbull Platinum shaver by Skull ShaverAs you’ve got your haircut, it is time to choose between wet or dry shave. Unlike shaving razors, Pitbull waterproof shavers let you shave your head and face both with water and without it. You can even shave in the shower, as Pitbull shavers are enriched with IPX5 100% water resistance technology. Note, however, that it is not allowed to submerge the shaver into the water since it will damage the motor. Thanks to the large drive gear and super flexible structure you will get an extremely close cut and a clean shave on your head in just a few minutes. Our bald head shavers come with re-engineered high-quality blades, ensuring a real smooth and soft shave. These sharp blades protect your skin and make the grooming process much easier. Another advantage over mechanical razors is that electric shavers do not give any painful nicks or cuts thus protecting your skin. It is a perfect solution for those with sensitive skin, with tattoos, moles, birthmarks or other skin issues. This makes the use of electric head shavers like Pitbull rather safe. This also gives the freedom to choose between wet or dry shave, according to your preferences. Whether it be with plain water, soap, shaving foam or gel, you always get the results you are looking for.


How to wet shave your head?

If you decide to go with the wet shave, here are a couple of quick tips to ensure you get the best results.

  • Avoid blunt blades. Make sure the blades of the electric shaver are sharp enough to avoid razor burns, skin irritation, nicks, cuts, and razor bumps.
  • Exfoliate the skin before the shave. This way you will take dead skin cells away for an extra smooth shave. You can use exfoliating brushes by Skull Shaver
  • Wash your face with warm water. Wash your face with warm water to open the pores and calm down the skin or just put a warm wet towel on the areas you are going to shave. It’ll soften the hair follicles and make it easier for the razor to take off the hair
  • Use shaving brushes. Synthetic bristles of shaving brush hold lots of water thus, ensuring a thicker lather of shaving foam. The shaving brush will also massage and soften your skin and prepare it for a safe shave by increasing the blood circulation and protecting the skin from irritations, nicks and cuts. You can give a try to Skull Shaver shaving brushes!
  • Apply shaving cream. foam or gel. Spread the foam, gel or cream thoroughly and lift the facial hair with the shaving brush for an extra close shave. Give your preference to the glycerin-based gel since an alcohol-based gel will dry your face out.
  • Apply the electric shaver on your skin in circular motions
  • Rinse your face with cold water, to close the pores so they can regenerate
  • Use after-shave or moisturizer. This will heal and moisturize your skin after the shave and will serve as an extra layer of protection since you just lost hair and skin cells.
  • Rinse the shaving brush
  • Rinse the shaver. You can simply rinse the blades under the running water or open them in a snap for deeper cleaning inside and out.


3. Aftershave gel, apply it always

If you have already learnt how to shave your head bald all by yourself, read further to discover tips for aftershave care of your bald head. Our shavers are proven to be the best for sensitive skin since they provide a gentle shave while minimizing the skin irritation.  While the shaver plays a primary role, we still recommend using aftershave gel, balm, lotion or cooling moisturizers to keep your shaved head smooth and moist. They will prevent infections and reduce razor burns, also will soothe and repair the irritated skin. You should also know that newly shaved skin has higher chances of getting a sunburn. Therefore we recommend using sunscreen before being exposed to the sun. You might be thinking now how to find a proper and trustworthy skincare brand. According to our proper research, we think it would be beneficial for you to use pre and post-shave products from Rituals, House 99, Molton Brown London and Health. You can use shaving gels, creams, foams, sticks also a variety of aftershave skincare products by these brands and make your skin feel its best.


4. Rinse the head shaver and the clipper

a Platinum Shaver By Skull Shaver put in a Rinse standWhile your head and skin require appropriate care before and after shaving, let’s not forget about the shaver itself, which also needs to be taken care of. You’ll spend less than a minute rinsing our Pitbull self-cleaning shavers. Platinum Rinse Stand included in the Pitbull Platinum kit or sold separately makes the cleaning easy and fast. Just place the shaver on the rinse stand and dive the blades into warm water. Then turn the shaver on, wait 10-15 seconds. That’s it, the shaver’s clean.
Moreover, the latest generation PRO blades bring the cleaning to a whole new level since they can be opened in a snap for a quick rinse under the running water. Remember, frequent cleaning will keep the shaver’s blades sharper, they will last much longer and the motor will not experience additional wear and tear.  


5. The frequency of the shave

This has always been a controversial question, and there is no universal answer to it since it will heavily depend on your hair and skin features. Shaving frequently has both advantages and disadvantages. Shaving takes away dead skin from your body, so it’s good for your skin health. At the same time, you look fresh and neat after shaving and women like a fresh bald look. However, if your skin is too sensitive, or you are using mechanical razors or low-end shavers, which usually, cause skin irritation, your skin needs time to recover. That means you cannot shave every day. On the contrary, if your hair is growing rather fast, you might need to shave every day. Our Pitbull shavers are proven to be protective of your skin. Due to its extra sharp blades and flexible structure, the Pitbull shavers give you a perfectly close shave, without harming your skin. It is important to know, however, that once you switch to Skull Shaver your skin needs some time to adapt to the new shaving routine. So don’t be stressed if the results after the first shave are not satisfying. Give your skin 2 to 3 weeks to adapt and the results will be surprising.


Hopefully, after reading this article you already know for sure how to shave your head. To properly shave your head, first of all, cut your hair if it is longer than 4mm, then decide between wet or dry shave Do not neglect the benefits of using aftershave skincare products. Remember to take care of your shaver and rinse the blades after each shave. And of course, invest some time into research to make sure you choose a shaver that is well adapted for your type of hair and skin.