Use and maintenance of shaver head

Skull Shaver PRO next-generation 4 head blades let you shave faster than our previous designs. The blades contour and perfectly adjust to your head and face while shaving: each blade floats independently, allowing 360° of contouring, and each floating blade is mounted in a flexing head that automatically adjusts for tighter or larger curves. The availability of deeper cleaning extends blade life and keeps your shaves as smooth as day one. Removable PRO blades come off in a snap, making it easy to give your blades a deep clean inside and out.

How to Open Shaver Head

How to Clean the Blades

Simple 5 second rinse keeps the blades clean and sharp

Our shavers are equipped with our signature patented innovative ergonomic handle, which offers easy grip and perfectly fits your hand to ensure comfortable and intuitive shaving of your head and face.